Commercial and residential window film solutions that perform in heat and cold.

Efficient all year long

Are you looking to lower energy costs all year long?

The U.S. Department of Energy has found that between 25 to 35% of energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows.

Low-E film or low emissivity film has the ability to also keep your building or home warmer in the winter. Unlike traditional film that blocks the solar heat in the summer, this film has the technology to act as a true insulator at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to Low-E glass!

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Low-E Glass vs. Film

Glass can always be improved with window film. If you still have single pane glass in your building or home, we can see huge energy efficiency improvements with Low-E film.  By improving the savings in the winter as well as the summer, the ROI becomes very attractive.

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What Low-E Window Films Can Do For You

Low-E window film is a solar control film that keeps heat in during the winter and blocks it out in the summer.

Low-E film is a smart alternative to window replacement due to it’s low cost performance.

Low-E film still blocks over 99% of the UV rays to protect interiors from the harmful rays.
Reduce heat to help minimize the fading of your valuables. Heat is responsible for nearly 25% of fading all fading.
Low-E films come in a range of shades to control the amount of glare your space is experiencing.

Enhance the look of your space with a more modern window film.

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Warranty Protection Program

As your LLumar Select Pro dealer, Vista and FormulaOne High Performance films are protected by national manufacturers backed warranties. The warranty guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking or changing color. These warranties are validated by installation from Llumar Select Pro dealers in the United States.

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