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The Tint Pros is committed to only offering the best films on the market, therefore you will find a range of FormulaOne films to fit your needs.  Designed to regulate heat, protect from dangerous solar rays, and improve appeal, auto window tinting by TTP offers impressive benefits for every vehicle owner. Though often only thought of in the warmer months, auto window tinting is beneficial to the everyday driver year-round. Glare is much worse in the winter months and it’s never a bad time to enhance the look of your vehicle.

Keep your passengers and interiors comfortable and safe with the added protection of our high-quality window films. Above and beyond the well known benefits of window film, The Tint Pros also has access to Stratos Series Ceramic Tint that rejects IR (infrared rays) for added heat rejection.  Window film also keeps drivers safer in the event of an accident due to its ability to hold broken glass together.

TTP is nationally recognized for customer service and installation quality. We go over the top on every car to ensure the highest quality installation.  Corners are never cut from our state-of-the-art computer plotting system to our ultra clean facilities.  If there is ever an option to do it better, then thats what we do!

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The Best Quality and Performance

Our automotive window films use advanced technology that forms a protective barrier around you and your passengers; blocking damaging UV rays, reducing heat, and minimizing glare.

Automotive window film will also help keep your vehicle’s interior looking newer, longer and save fuel by lessening the burden on your car’s A/C system.

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UV Protection up to 99%
Glare Reduction up to 94%
Heat Rejection up to 75%

What Automotive Window Tint Can Do for You

Take control of the heat coming through your windows. Improve comfort by blocking as much as 75% of the sun’s heat.
Quality solar window film keeps your skin, seats, dash, and other interiors safe from the sun and has them looking like new.
Minimize glare and painful eye strain with solar film formulated to keep blinding glare from the sun out of your eyes.
Enjoy natural light and benefits it brings without putting yourself in danger. Choose film that blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Choose a solar film that helps protect your privacy in addition to a high level of control over solar heat, glare and UV rays.

Drive in style with an intelligent solar film that will drastically improve comfort, protection, and the appeal of your ride.

Warranty Protection Program

As your LLumar Select Pro dealer, Vista and FormulaOne High Performance films are protected by national manufacturers backed warranties. The warranty guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking or changing color. These warranties are validated by installation from Llumar Select Pro dealers in the United States.

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