Energy Cost Savings in Every Season
While most commercial window film provides beneficial savings during cooling season, many films have one big drawback: they reduce solar heat gain from windows all year long. In climates where solar heat gain may be desired during the heating season, traditional commercial window film can actually increase the amount of heat required from the HVAC system.

Count the Savings. Count the Benefits.

Of course, EnerLogic also provides all the benefits of traditional window film to facilities of any size in government, healthcare, office, retail, multifamily, hospitality, and education sectors:

• Lowers cooling load and costs by reducing solar heat gain

• Extend HVAC equipment life by decreasing run time

• Reduces use of artificial lighting

• Helps eliminate hot/cold spots throughout a space

• Reduces glare

• Preserves views to the outdoors

• Protects against harmful UV rays

With these energy savings and ROI, is EnerLogic window film an investment you can afford not to make?