The Tint Pros started in humble beginnings from a passion for cars and a drive to learn a trade, window tinting. In 1979, Lonnie Earl taught himself to tint. In the early days, back windows were tinted in multiple pieces and most of the film available turned purple in a year or two, but the momentum was building.

Lonnie was a senior engineer at Boeing during the day and window tinter all afternoon/night and Saturdays. His drive to succeed and serve others started building a reputation of quality work and service in the 1980’s. The first shop was opened in Huntington Beach in 1992 off of Talbert Avenue. Services offered were window tinting, suspension, detailing and anything else he could do to keep the doors open. In these early years, Lonnie’s son, Greg, was “helping” around the shop with cleaning windows and wheels, but mostly playing outside or doing homework while his dad worked.

The growth of the business was sustainable and strong from then into the early 2000s. Tinting of homes and buildings also started growing from the referrals of our automotive customers. In 2002, Lonnie chose to take the business full time and leave Boeing instead of taking the relocation option. At that time, The Tint Pros went after the highest quality films, Formula One (automotive) and Vista (residential/commercial) since they we’re going to put full time hours and effort in. Greg, being in high school at the time, started working over 40 hours a week by working everyday after school and on Saturdays. At that time, he became the youngest certified Formula One installer in the country.

From 2002 to 2008, The Tint Pros doubled in size year over year. Growing in automotive, commercial and residential tinting all from the Huntington Beach location on Gothard. As they grew, they acquired bigger locations. When the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, the family of the “mom and pop shop” went through some very challenging times. With real estate being hit hard and business coming to a halt, they had to make some extremely difficult decisions.

Coming out of 2009, Greg had a fresh new drive and plan for the business his dad had started. The vision of building this Orange County family-owned business into something that could service the largest of projects, while still having the family environment. The growth in the past 10 years has led to a location in Newport Beach, adding Paint Protection Film to the offerings, more employment, and large projects all over Southern California and beyond. The Tint Pros has been awarded multiple national awards, like National Dealer of the Year by Eastman and asked to be on advisory boards of film manufacturers.

This year, The Tint Pros celebrates 40 years in business, grinding through the start of a business, working through hard times, celebrating big wins, supporting local causes with the profits, and in all, giving glory to God. The team of people that make up TTP is what ensures customers have the same service and quality they expect. The Tint Pros will continue to grow and look to serve each Southern California resident with the highest quality service and products for the years to come.