The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the market with an interesting design using a lot of glass. What makes this cars design so unique is a rear window so large it comes up and over the rear passenger seats going from the back of the car to the middle of it.  Due to the glass extending over the top of the car in addition to a glass piece covering the rest of the roof, it has become the vehicle we get the most complaints of getting really hot since there is no escape from the sun but luckily we have solutions for it. Our knowledge, experience, and reputation dating back to 1979 is why we are the recommended shop of Tesla, Costa Mesa and many Tesla owners in Southern California.

 The most important part of window tinting is to always protect the car. Teslas are time consuming to tint due to the vast amount of electronics as well as the layout of the large back window.  Tinting is a wet application so we put in extensive research with Tesla employees to understand where there may be any problematic areas and have specially designed Microfiber ropes and towels to protect our work areas.  The rear window design can be problematic if not tinted with the correct film.  The rear window extends to a horizontal position on the top of the car and is susceptible to a lot of sunlight and heat so the right film needs to be used to not cause it to crack from overheating.  Ceramic films not only reject heat but also retain heat as well, so as much as we are looking to try and get the most heat rejection we do not want to compromise the glass to do so. We do the entire back window in one piece and although we carry the Formula One Stratos Series offering the most heat rejection, we use the Pinnacle Series on all back windows as it offers the most heat rejection while still being safe for the car and you can pick any of the three films for the side windows and windshield.

The Tint Pros tints over a dozen Teslas weekly, with model 3 rear windows in 1 piece and Tesla Model X windshields in 1 piece also. The Tint Pros offers these services in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach/Costa Mesa. Certified Llumar Select Pro Dealers for the Orange County area means that TTP is held to a higher standard and has access to exclusive films!

Another issue that applies to all Teslas is the quality of paint.  Teslas are infamous for having really soft paint that gets rock chips easier.  To add value and protection without changing the look of the car we recommend Paint Protection Film (PPF). Our most common package includes the full hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights and side mirrors as these tend to be the areas to get damage the easiest. With a 10 year warranty, the backend value typically exceeds the initial cost of the film and keeps your car looking like the day you bought it. The Tint Pros offers “clear bra” material from Llumar, their Plaitnum Paint Protection Film has proven to look and perform best, but we’re happy to install another material, like Xpel if desired.

Teslas are great cars and we want to help make them better.  UV and heat rejection have been the main reasons people are tinting their cars to protect whats on the inside and using paint protection film to protect the outside. 

Changing the color of your Tesla is something you can do to make yours stand out from the crowd. The Tint Pros offers full color change wraps of any 3M or Avery wrap material.  Changing the color of your car isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great way to have a temporary change and the factory paint is protected from the sun while it’s wrapped for a couple years, therefore it’s like new when it’s time to sell or enjoy it the way it was made. There is a large variety of colors and finishes to choose from. Here at The Tint Pros, we pride ourselves on the highest quality materials and workmanship possible.

So if you’re in the Orange County or Southern California area, own a Tesla of any kind, and are looking to have any film or vinyl applied to your car, you can trust The Tint Pros to supply you with honest answers to your questions and the best material and installation when you’re ready. Feel free to call, email, or come on in to one of our showrooms.


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