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The Tint Pros Celebrates 40 Years in Business!


The Tint Pros started in humble beginnings from a passion for cars and a drive to learn a trade, window tinting. In 1979, Lonnie Earl taught himself to tint. In the early days, back windows were tinted in multiple pieces and most of the film available turned purple in a year or two, but the momentum [...]

The Tint Pros Celebrates 40 Years in Business!2019-07-30T19:58:32-07:00

Why you need Paint Protection Film on your car!


Paint Protection Film or "Clear Bra" is a clear, thick film that is installed over your existing paint. This protective film creates a barrier strong enough to stop rock chips, scratches, fallout, bird droppings, and other wear and tear. This protective film, when installed professionally is virtually undetectable. The Tint Pros uses state of the art [...]

Why you need Paint Protection Film on your car!2019-07-30T19:58:32-07:00

Ultraviolet Harm While Driving


Most people believe that ultraviolet (UV) rays do not filter through glass, but unfortunately, that is not true. Applying a window film that is approved by the Skin Cancer foundation will protect you and your family while in your car, home, and/or office from harmful, cancer causing rays. Our line of Formula One Performance Automotive Films offer more than 99% [...]

Ultraviolet Harm While Driving2019-08-02T19:46:14-07:00
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