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Ultraviolet Harm While Driving


Most people believe that ultraviolet (UV) rays do not filter through glass, but unfortunately, that is not true. Applying a window film that is approved by the Skin Cancer foundation will protect you and your family while in your car, home, and/or office from harmful, cancer causing rays. Our line of Formula One Performance Automotive Films offer more than 99% [...]

Ultraviolet Harm While Driving2019-08-02T19:46:14-07:00

2016 Acura NSX


TTP is getting amped over the release of the 2016 Acura NSX. This mid-engine, V-6 twin turbo, pavement eater couldn't hit the street soon enough for us. All of us NSX lovers (TTP included) have been patiently awaiting the reveal of the new NSX for almost 11 years now. Acura has done an amazing job keeping all car enthusiast on pins and [...]

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SPF Window Film at The Tint Pros


You put sunscreen on yourself to protect your skin from the harmful uv rays, but all you need to do is install window film by The Tint Pros that will block 99.9% of the UVA and UVB rays from entering your car, home, or office. SPF in sunscreen is no where near the SPF number you [...]

SPF Window Film at The Tint Pros2019-08-02T19:46:28-07:00
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