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Window Film Makes Environmental Difference


How much of a difference does window film really make when it comes to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions? A very big difference, according to new data. One of the primary purposes of window film is to reduce solar heat gain. There are several benefits to doing this; reducing a building’s energy use is [...]

Window Film Makes Environmental Difference2019-08-02T19:46:28-07:00

Window Film – Most Cost Effective Solution to Save Energy!


In a report released by non-profit group, The International Window Film Association (IWFA), it has been established that window films are the most cost effective solutions to save energy and reduce carbon footprint for consumers in California. The report also suggests that this saving can be achieved when window films are used in retrofit applications in [...]

Window Film – Most Cost Effective Solution to Save Energy!2019-08-02T19:46:28-07:00
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