Enhance your storefront with Printed Graphics to promote Brands and Products!

Allow The Tint Pros graphics team to assist you with designing the perfect storefront for your brand and culture.  The entry of your building says a lot about who your company is.  Our team can print large scale solid prints to cover all glass surfaces or even just simple logos and business hours.

The Tint Pros’ team can meet with you for a free design consultation to figure out the best solutions for your needs.  Serving all of Southern California with in-house printing and installation of any size project of solid or perforated vinyl applications.

What Storefront Graphics Can Do for You


Utilize window areas for custom printed graphics to enhance your brand.

Product Awareness

Promote your company’s products and services with sharp, eye-catching images.

Take control of the heat coming through your windows. Improve comfort by blocking direct sun.
Minimize glare and painful eye strain with solar film formulated to keep blinding glare from the sun out of your eyes.
Block and filter out UV rays with solid or perforated vinyl applications.

Choose a vinyl that helps protect your privacy in addition to the design element in the graphic.

Storefront Graphic Options

Solid Vinyl

Solid Vinyl Graphics

Printing graphics on solid vinyl gives you the sharpest images possible. This vinyl application will give you complete privacy. Choose from gloss or matte lamination to achieve your desired look.

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Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl Graphics

Perforated vinyl allows storefront graphics solutions while preserving a natural view to the outside. The small holes in the vinyl deliver privacy and natural light equally.

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Stock Vinyls

Stock Vinyls

Utilize stock colors from 3M and Avery instead of printing colors when solid stripes or lettering is desired. We can use these vinyls to cut any patterns or verbiage.

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