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Enhance the visual appeal of your building

Rarely do you find a product that can produce so much value and immediate benefits; a guaranteed financial payback, protection for people and property, and an architectural enhancement.  The Tint Pros has worked very closely with property owners, property managers, facility managers, interior designers and engineers for many years and fully understand their wants and needs.

The application of a property selected window film by The Tint Pros can enhance the visual appeal of nearly any building. Our exclusive line of Vista Window Film blocks out virtually all UV radiation (99.9%). Since UV radiation and heat cause the fading of window treatments, carpeting, furnishings, and display merchandise, window film keeps merchandise and furnishings looking new. The virtual elimination of UV radiation is also highly beneficial to people. Invisible UV rays are a major environmental contributor to skin cancer and premature skin aging. Vista Window Film is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

*Ask about how you can receive rebates when you have the proper window film installed by The Tint Pros.


General Information

Solar Protection

Save ENERGY: Window film is the most efficient product you can install to save energy by cutting heat from entering the building through the glass.  The Tint Pros can install window film that will block up to 84% of the heat.  The Tint Pros is also one of the very few companies certified to install Vista’s Enerlogic film that is the most efficient window film in the world. TTP will also assist you with any possibly energy rebates to cut down on your overall cost. By controlling the temperature more efficiently, not only do you save energy but employees and tenants will be more comfortable.

Protection from FADING: The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your interior furnishings and merchandise by fading them and shortening their useful lifespan. Vista Window Film by The Tint Pros blocks out 99.9% of those harmful UV rays.

Protection from GLARE: Glare causes eyestrain, reduces the ability of clearly seeing computer monitors, and eventually lowers productivity. Closing blinds and window treatments creates a gloomy environment for the work place, while increasing the need for artificial lighting. However, with our Vista Window Film, glare is reduced to a comfortable level allowing the natural light and beauty of the outdoors to be enjoyed.

Free Estimates

All on-site consultations are free and presented by the owners of The Tint Pros. This eliminates the standard ABC’s of consultations/sales. No one can represent The Tint Pros and value your referral as much as the owners themselves. Sales commission can highly motivate sales representatives; however, The Tint Pros are motivated by relationship and referral. Knowledgeable sales people can sell anything, but relationships are acquired by providing you with the best value and benefit for your specific needs. Call 1-800-964-TINT (8468) to get a quote NOW!




Types of Applications

Retail Stores

Vista’s state-of-the-art Spectra Select film, installed by The Tint Pros, is perfect for retail application as it is virtually clear, day or night. It blocks out 99.9% of the UV rays and substantially reduces incoming heat while remaining invisible, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. Show off your products with confidence, maintain current visibility and be assured of the best protection of your merchandise, all while reducing unnecessary cooling costs. TTP can also install clear anti-graffiti, safety and security films to protect glass, people, and merchandise.

Office Buildings

The Tint Pros has a complete line of films for nearly every condition or situation. Many of The Tint Pros’ commercial building clients request a darker look to eliminate the ability to see inside. This is common when our client needs to create a “consistent look” throughout the facility. Window film can enhance the look of the facility while increasing privacy for the personnel, and eliminate the ability to see items just inside the window.

Protection Plan & Guarantee

The Tint Pros Protection Plan

The Tint Pros is fully insured with $2,000,000.00 commercial liability policies, worker’s compensation policy, and holds a California State Contractor’s License (#825759). In addition, The Tint Pros has a $1,000,000.00 garage keeper’s coverage policy to provide the maximum protection and peace of mind for our clients.

The Tint Pros 24/7 Guarantee

The Tint Pros provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services in cases of special circumstances, after hours restrictions, and those last minute deadline situations for contractors, facility managers, etc.

Going Green!

Going Green: Facts About Advantages of a Green Retrofit

  • Energy Rebates
  • Lower Air Conditioning Bill
  • Improve Tenant / Employee Comfort
  • Exclusive Enerlogic Films
  • Ceramic Films
  • Spectra Selective Films
  • Dual Reflective Films
  • Fade Reduction & Protection




Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The Tint Pros offer a complete line of Next Generation Tactical Armor films employed as countermeasures for many of today’s specific threats. Most of our customer base for this application is protected by confidentially agreements. The demand for the experts at The Tint Pros has enabled them to train teams of installers in Florida in preparation for hurricanes. Including meeting the needs here locally, with the demands after the earthquakes in the San Fernando Valley. LLumar Magnum safety and security films are heavy-duty polyester films bonded by especially aggressive adhesives. When applied to the interior of new or existing glass, they provide a clear, powerful Barrier of protection that helps to hold glass in place when it shatters due to lethal winds, earthquake tremors, terrorist attacks, or accidental breakage.

Bomb Blast

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are injured, maimed or killed by lethal shards of flying or falling glass in the event of a bombing. LLumar Magnum safety film dramatically reduces the damage or likelihood of injury from flying glass, keeping people and premises safer and more secure. The Tint Pros has many years of expertise in the area as their clientele include: government facilities to local Police agencies to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Accidental Breakage

LLumar Magnum safety film maintains optical clarity and is virtually undetectable, but it protects people from injury when glass is accidentally broken because it holds the broken glass in the frame until it can safely be removed. The Tint Pros primary area of installation is bedrooms windows and any window a child could come in contact with and accidently break

Smash & Grab

LLumar Magnum security film is a powerful deterrent to Smash-and-grab thieves. It forms a strong shield that holds broken glass in place, delaying and deterring perpetrators who attempt quick entry through shattered windows. The Tint Pros client base includes an impressive list of some of the most elite jewelry stores in Newport Beach, Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza. In addition to many installations for nearly all other types of retail establishments desiring protection primarily for protection after closing hours (unlike Jewelry stores).

Make your windows and other surfaces part of the solution to preventing costly destructive vandalism and smash-and-grab thieves.

Anti-Graffiti – The Right Layer of Protection

When professionally installed by The Tint Pros, this film forms an “invisible protective coating” over the glass that helps prevent scribing and other defacing. If vandals leave their mark, the film can be peeled off and replaced easily, eliminating graffiti, and the need for costly glass replacement. The Tint Pros’ anti-graffiti film comes in two different thicknesses depending on the amount of foot traffic expected along the glass.

The Best Defense

With LLumar Magnum, you can rest assured that you’re getting the industry’s most durable polyester film. All in a patented scratch-resistant formulation you can count on for years to come. LLumar Magnum safety and security films are designed through a strategic partnership between CP Films and DuPont Teijin Films. The Tint Pros’ films meet or exceed specifications and requirements set forth by numerous international testing standards.

Clearly the Best

The Tint Pros’ installed safety and security film’s strength and protection is virtually invisible and allows excellent optical clarity without shadowing or yellowing your facility’s glass.

Make Glass “Safety Glass”

The Tint Pros can install a clear safety film that turns your standard glass into “government approved safety glass.”  Basically, making non-tempered glass meet tempered glass needs.


Window Coverings

Window Coverings

TTP offers and installs a wide range of window coverings that include blinds, roller shades, and many other types of coverings.  From faux wood blinds to aluminum mini blinds to vertical blinds and mesh roller shades, we have access to hundreds of color and texture options. Control the amount of light entering your space when you want with TTP’s window coverings.

The Tint Pros has used window coverings to compliment window film on commercial properties all over Orange County and Southern California.  Due to the size of some of our blind and shade projects, TTP has years of experience in professional installation.

  • Wood Blinds
  • Faux Wood Blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Aluminum Mini Blinds
  • Woven Wood Shades