Secure your windows against break-ins, vandalism, accidents, and earthquakes.

Protect Property and People

Things happen! Accidents, vandalism, and weather can cause damage to your building. Adding this clear layer of protection can keep the bad guys out and keep the good guys inside safe from flying glass.  From introductory films that will hold glass together in an accidental breakage to thick films with attachment systems to protect people and property from bomb blasts, The Tint Pros has you covered with various options.

The Tint Pros has years of experience with safety and security films in Southern California protecting retail stores, pharmacies, the political and elite public, homes, government buildings, hospitals, and schools.

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Every Second Matters

Time – Slowing criminals down has been proven very effective.  According to The Department of Justice, the average response time to an emergency call is 4 minutes, while the average interaction time between a criminal and his victim is a mere 90 seconds. Security window film adds valuable minutes when and where you need them most.

Strength / Reinforcement – Security window film prevents injury due to flying glass by encapsulating the damaged glass and stopping dangerous shards from going airborne.

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What Security Window Films Can Do For You

Make it hard to get in, shatter-proof window film designed to hold glass in-place.

Improve Safety

Security window films improve the safety of your build and its occupants by holding the glass together when broken.

Reduce Liability Concerns

Reduce liability concerns by keeping occupants safe from flying glass.

Retain Visibility

With security films, products can still clearly be displayed while protected.

Doesn’t Alter Style

Security bars and other applications negatively affect the aesthetics of your building.Films are clear and practically unnoticeable.
Eliminate the effects of harmful ultra violet rays from your home or business. security film also blocks 99% of the UV rays.

Warranty Protection Program

As your LLumar Select Pro dealer, Vista and FormulaOne High Performance films are protected by national manufacturers backed warranties. The warranty guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking or changing color. These warranties are validated by installation from Llumar Select Pro dealers in the United States.

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