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Branding your Storefront or Vehicles

Working ourselves out of this crazy year, we need to make sure that our brands are representing our companies well and communicating the proper messages. Whether you can utilize the glass or walls on your building to brand or it's your fleet of vehicles, The Tint Pros can help with every step of the process.  The Tint Pros has a dedicated graphics team focused on graphic design, large format printing, and wrap installations. Based in Orange County, The Tint Pros can take on any size project from wrapping the side of your building, wall wraps in your office, a fleet of semi-trucks or your one van that you also use to take the kids to school in.  We get it! Our business has a strong brand in Orange County because we continue to reinvest into our own vehicle wraps and storefront wraps, and we'd love to help you do the same. Have your own art? Great, we can work with your art team to get what we need to print. Don't even know where to start? No problem, you can meet with our team to discuss budgeting, design and timelines. The Tint Pros caters to every size business and will [...]

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Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting, Paint Protection, and Wrap Information OC

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the market with an interesting design using a lot of glass. What makes this cars design so unique is a rear window so large it comes up and over the rear passenger seats going from the back of the car to the middle of it.  Due to the glass extending over the top of the car in addition to a glass piece covering the rest of the roof, it has become the vehicle we get the most complaints of getting really hot since there is no escape from the sun but luckily we have solutions for it. Our knowledge, experience, and reputation dating back to 1979 is why we are the recommended shop of Tesla, Costa Mesa and many Tesla owners in Southern California.  The most important part of window tinting is to always protect the car. Teslas are time consuming to tint due to the vast amount of electronics as well as the layout of the large back window.  Tinting is a wet application so we put in extensive research with Tesla employees to understand where there may be any problematic areas and have specially designed [...]

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The Tint Pros Celebrates 40 Years in Business!

The Tint Pros started in humble beginnings from a passion for cars and a drive to learn a trade, window tinting. In 1979, Lonnie Earl taught himself to tint. In the early days, back windows were tinted in multiple pieces and most of the film available turned purple in a year or two, but the momentum was building. Huntington Beach shop where The Tint Pros started in Orange County Lonnie was a senior engineer at Boeing during the day and window tinter all afternoon/night and Saturdays. His drive to succeed and serve others started building a reputation of quality work and service in the 1980's. The first shop was opened in Huntington Beach in 1992 off of Talbert Avenue. Services offered were window tinting, suspension, detailing and anything else he could do to keep the doors open. In these early years, Lonnie's son, Greg, was "helping" around the shop with cleaning windows and wheels, but mostly playing outside or doing homework while his dad worked. The growth of the business was sustainable and strong from then into the early 2000s. Tinting of homes and buildings also started growing from the referrals of our automotive customers. In 2002, Lonnie chose to [...]

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Why you need Paint Protection Film on your car!

Paint Protection Film or "Clear Bra" is a clear, thick film that is installed over your existing paint. This protective film creates a barrier strong enough to stop rock chips, scratches, fallout, bird droppings, and other wear and tear. This protective film, when installed professionally is virtually undetectable. The Tint Pros uses state of the art software to digitally cut the film to precise patterns designed for your car. The film is preferably installed completely covering each body panel of the vehicle so there are no visible seams! Where the film can be extended, The Tint Pros will stretch the film around corners so the edges aren't seen. By using the best films in the industry, like Llumar Platinum PPF and Xpel, The Tint Pros is able to offer a 10 year warranty that covers the material and labor. Due to this longevity and layer of protection, paint protection film (PPF) is a huge value add to any car, especially sportscars and exotic cars where value is greatly affected by condition of paint. Aftermarket paint is frowned upon and will decrease value of any vehicle. By protecting your vehicle with clear bra, you're increasing the value of your car and [...]

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How to Properly Care For and Clean Automotive Tinted Windows

One of the most common questions we are asked regarding window tint is the proper way to care for and clean automotive tinted windows. As a result, we wanted to write a brief article that explains the do’s and don'ts of automotive window tint care. To begin, let’s discuss a bit about window film construction and how it adheres to the glass. As you likely know, window tint is installed on the inside surface of the glass. The construction of tint is such that once installed the outermost surface is a durable scratch resistant coating. This is what allows film tint to slide up and down in a properly adjusted roll down window channel for years without getting scratched. Although this surface is durable, it is not indestructible. Also, the window tint is adhered to the glass with a thin, optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive. Once cured, this bond should last for many years without fail. Now that we understand a bit about how the film is constructed and how it is adhering to the glass, let’s get into how to properly clean automotive tinted windows to ensure its long life. Is Any Glass Cleaner OK? In short, no. The [...]

Cost Effective Energy Efficiency for Homes and Commercial Spaces

  If you are considering ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home or commercial space without breaking the bank, you should consider a professionally installed window film. Window film innovation has taken major leaps in recent years and the film installed on home or commercial windows has little in common with the basic window tint you might find on a car. For one thing, you can achieve very high levels of performance with professional window films while barely being able to detect that they are installed on the glass. In addition, these films can be retrofitted to nearly any existing window to improve the performance of that unit in a more cost effective way than window replacement. A recent article at Builder Online even noted in their January 2018 edition that: “Energy Commission creates a “loading order” that ranks products on energy efficiency by cost effectiveness. Window film is near the top of those products, beating even blown in ceiling insulation.” You can check out the entire article by clicking HERE So, with that in mind, we wanted to provide you with a couple of facts about window film and how it can improve nearly any home or [...]

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How Security Window Film Keep Kids Safe and Improves the Safety of Your School

  As a result of the events of the past several years, there is an increased emphasis on school safety. Most notably, discussing what steps can be taken to avoid incidents from occurring in the future. A recent article in District Administration entitled “Building Blocks of a School Security Plan” discussed strategies that can be implemented to improve the safety of a school. One of the items discussed was utilizing Security Window Film to make it harder for someone to forcefully enter a school. The article states: “Make your building perimeter harder to penetrate." If you already have locks on your outside doors, the next item you should consider on your list is security film for your windows. After the doors, the next obvious place a person with bad intentions will try to enter the building is through your windows. Security film maintains the integrity of the window, even if the glass is broken. It helps to hold the glass in place, acting as a screen that is difficult to breach, even with a sledge hammer or baseball bat. I believe that simple is better. Make sure that your plan is based on principles such as distance or time. Ask yourself, Does this security device [...]

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Car Tint Is All The Same, Right? – Vehicle Window Tint Guide

    If you're like most people, you probably assume all vehicle window tint is the same. Sure, it comes in different shades of darkness, and maybe even varying levels of reflectivity, but it's basically all the same, right? Actually, no. The truth is that the world's ever-advancing technology has created significant differences that are important for you to understand before getting window tint put on your next vehicle. Let's begin with a little history, and the evolution of vehicle window tint. At one time, not that long ago, vehicle window tint fell primarily into two simple categories; basic dyed polyester window film and window films with a metalized layer. First, you had the basic dyed polyester film. This was typically inexpensive and just gave your windows the tinted appearance you were looking for without much in the way of performance. These dyed films often had a limited lifespan. Typically, they would begin turning purple after three to five years of sun exposure. We are sure you have noticed examples of this type of film driving around. Many times, this film looked great the day it was installed and then slowly faded to the undesirable purple. The other vehicle tint [...]

Three Reasons Why Window Film Should Be On Your Home Improvement List

  Most of us likely have a home improvement list we plan on working on in the coming months. In this article, we are going to give you three reasons why implementing a high quality window film should be on that list. Increased Home Comfort  Window films work to block excessive heat and glare from entering your home through the glass. Most homes have some windows that get a lot of sun throughout the day. In these areas of the home, there can be hot spots from the heat entering which is often accompanied by irritating glare. Often, in an effort to keep these areas of the home comfortable, you need to adjust your air conditioning. The problem then becomes that the home is often too cool in other areas where the sun is not shining in. By using window films on these specific windows, you can reduce the heat and glare specifically where the problem lies without covering the window with a blind or drapery. Reduce Energy Costs  Continuing with the point above, if you have windows that are allowing excessive heat to enter the home, your air conditioning is likely having to work overtime to keep your home [...]

People Love Us On YELP!

We are so thankful for all our loyal customers that have helped us earn this award! We have always put the customer first, and only offered the highest quality products with the highest installation standards.  This award affirms that. Thank you! The People Love Us On Yelp Sticker is only given to a select number of businesses who have acquired a large volume of extremely high reviews. We take pride in this distinction and know that the only way to run a successful company is by putting the customer first 100% of the time. We look forward to improving our customer service further and ensuring that anyone who comes to us leaves satisfied. If you have not done so yet, check us out on YELP! Huntington Beach Newport Beach    

Increase the Range of Electric or Hybrid Vehicles with Automotive Window Film

  Gas prices seem to continually creep higher and more people are opting to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicles. Those are both great options to help save you money, but they can both be made even better. Did you know that by utilizing a heat rejecting automotive window film, you can increase the range of your electric or hybrid vehicle? In this brief article we will explain the how and why automotive window film is beneficial in this area. First, let's explore one of the primary ways that the battery in an EV or hybrid vehicle gets drained. In addition to powering the vehicle, much of the power from the batteries goes to operating the comfort systems. These would include things like lights, sound system and most importantly, the HVAC system. Depending on the vehicle, use of the air conditioning can reduce range from 9-17%. See estimate graphics from Tesla's own website below that show range estimate for various cars in their line-up with all things being equal except the use of the HVAC system. Model Range without HVAC Use Model Range with HVAC Use Now that we have established that running the HVAC does decrease the range of [...]

Factory Tinted Glass – The Illusion of Performance & Protection

  If you’re driving a truck or SUV built in the last decade chances are it’s equipped with factory tinted glass on all windows behind the front doors. Many owners of vehicles like this often choose to only have the front windows tinted to match the back because they believe that they are already set with the rear windows. While this factory tint improves the looks of the vehicle, and offers rear passengers some privacy, it does very little to help reduce the heat entering through the glass or protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The team at Window Film Pros wanted to offer two reasons why you should consider a professionally installed window film on all windows, including the glass that came with factory tint. Superior Heat Rejection While a darkened piece of factory glass may slightly reduce the heat entering the vehicle, it cannot compare to the heat rejection possible utilizing the modern window film technology. As mentioned above, factory tinted glass is primarily installed for it’s looks and for privacy. A vehicle owner may have the front windows tinted to match the rear and provide some heat rejection in the front seats. However, they may [...]

Eastman Shares Exciting News at the Elite Dealer Conference

EASTMAN CONTINUES ON PATH TO TRANSFORM WINDOW AND PAINT PROTECTION FILM INDUSTRY   New Consumer Campaign Is Key Component of Eastman's Boldest Step in Seizing Category Leadership for its World Class LLumar® Products and Dealer Network Kingsport, Tennessee: After years of category development, product and service innovation, dealer training and certification, Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN), the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window tints that are used in automotive, residential and commercial applications- today announced its plans to launch an aggressive consumer marketing campaign designed to capture growing consumer interest in automotive window film to accelerate demand for the LLumar® dealer network in North America, as a first phase in a multi-year plan. Darrell Reed, Performance Films Commercial Director for Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, told more than 300 attendees at the company's 2017 Elite Dealer Conference in Austin, Texas, that the campaign will both generate sales leads and help dealers more powerfully differentiate themselves from their competitors.  The 2017 conference was one of the highest attended since the event began in the 1990's. "We see exciting growth potential for both our LLumar branded portfolio of films and our dealer network, particularly our LLumar® SelectPro™ dealers," said Reed. [...]

Window Film – A Good Investment For Your Business

                  Commercial window film is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling energy costs and increasing comfort . It is a great alternative to window replacement. Energy Efficiency: Just like insulation for your building, solar control window film offers thermal insulation for your windows. Control how much light and heat enters your building and reduce utility costs. Comfort and Productivity: Increase comfort without paying for tinted glass for your building. Solar control window film is a fraction of the cost of tinted glass and offers many benefits including increased employee comfort and productivity. UV Protection: Solar control window film helps block dangerous UV rays from entering your building. Help protect your interior furnishings fading and your occupants from skin cancer. Corrects Temperature Imbalances: Window films can help eliminate hot and cold spots within a space through the strategic use of film that reduces heat gain coming through the glass in hot areas. This will create a more balanced temperature across the space and reduce the load on the HVAC system. Safety and Security: Security window films will help control and lessen the danger and damage caused by broken and flying glass, [...]

Protect Your Interior While Enhancing Your View

Protection from Sun-Caused Fading Floors and Furnishings Furnishing a home can be expensive. From flooring to furnishings, the costs can add up quick. With so much invested, doesn’t it make sense to take steps to protect that investment? While we all love open and airy homes with lots of windows, the biggest threat to your floors and furnishings can be right outside those same windows, the Sun. The sun is one of the primary causes of fading floors and furnishings. Most people do not want to sacrifice their views and the open feeling of their home to protect their floors and furniture from the sun, so what can be done? One of the best ways to attack the primary causes of sun damage and fading is with window film. This article will examine exactly what causes the fading and damage to occur and how window film is a great solution to consider. What Causes Fading and Sun Damage? A common misconception is that UV rays are what cause fading floors and sun damage to furnishings. While they are certainly the largest component, as this chart illustrates, they only account for 40%. Solar heat and visible lights are also major contributors, [...]

Stratos Exclusively at The Tint Pros

The Tint Pros is the exclusive dealer of Stratos, the next generation of window tint from Formula One by Llumar, in Southern California.  Protect yourself, your passengers, and your car's interior with the best quality and best performing film in the industry; backed by the best warranty in the industry.  Call The Tint Pros today for Stratos on your vehicle. Don't go through another sweltering summer without it. Get more info on Stratos here   The Tint Pros is a Llumar Select Pro dealer 

The Tint Pros Awarded Best of Houzz 2017

The Tint Pros of Huntington Beach Awarded Best Of Houzz 2017. Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World. The Tint Pros of Huntington Beach has won “Best Of Customer Service” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The nearly 40 year old, family owned window tinting company was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals. The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 40 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award. A “Best Of Houzz 2017” badge will appear on winners’ profiles, as a sign of their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz. “We [...]

The Tint Pros is your choice for window film and clear bra!

The Tint Pros is Orange County's finest choice for window tinting and automotive clear bra.  Come see why The Tint Pros in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach is chosen above the rest for your window film needs. At TTP, customer's needs come first.

The Tint Pros is awarded the 2015 National Dealer of the Year!

Eastman performance films announced The Tint Pros as this year's National Dealer of the Year! The award was given at the Llumar Elite Dealer Conference in Palm Springs this weekend. The Elite dealers, now having the Llumar SelectPro badge includes window tint dealers that carry the exclusive FormulaOne and Vista brands.

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Pacific City Opens in Huntington Beach!

The Tint Pros were called out to install some last minute window film for some stores in the new Pacific City in Huntington Beach! Make sure you support other local business and this beautiful new Orange County destination. TTP has window film for heat, glare, UV rays, safety, security, graffiti and decorative applications. With locations in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, TTP can quickly service all of Southern California. Surrounding cities of Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Corona Del Mar, and Tustin are visited daily by The Tint Pros' team. Check out what Pacific City has to say: Pacific City was the original name of the early oceanfront village that would eventually become known as Huntington Beach. We loved the name, and we loved the opportunity that came along with it – to take a 31-acre piece of land fronting Pacific Coast Highway, situated across from the iconic Huntington Beach Pier and Time Magazine’s recently named “Best Beach in America”, and once again bring to life a “city” with a heart and a vision for a bright future for art, leisure, creativity, community and commerce. In short, a vibrantly rich and amazing [...]

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