Protect without eliminating light

Window Film from The Tint Pros reduces fading to your interiors and valuables by eliminating the UV rays, reducing solar heat, and managing the visible light coming through your glass.  Fading can be very costly, window film is a sound solution to protect your investments from the sun.

UV Protection up to 99%
Heat Reduction up to 84%


At Work

Protect your office investments.  Decorating and furnishing a workspace is far expensive. A significant amount of time and money goes into creating a space for your staff and team alike that visually represents your brand. Heat, UV and visible light damage these materials quickly.

Protect your purchase and invest in a fade protection window film solution that will add years to the life of the paint, flooring, furniture and artwork throughout your building.

Request a free quote today and work with TTP’s commercial window film team to find a solar window film formulated with the perfect amount of protection for your space. The Tint Pros services all of Southern California for your offices.

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Commercial Film Products

Browse our line of commercial film products for the solution that best meets the needs of your business and building.


At Home

Your home is your biggest investment and you spend your hard earned money to have quality materials in your home; protect these investments from fading in the sun.  No one wants to keeps drapes shut all of the time, window film from The Tint Pros can reduce fading by rejecting UV, heat and visible light while enhancing your view!

About 40% of all fading is caused by ultraviolet (UV) light, 25% by visible light, 25% by heat, and 10% by humidity, chemical vapors, age of material, dye stability, etc.

The Tint Pros has over 40 years of experience with maintaining your views with clear and light films that take control of your fading problem. Don’t cover up all that glass you just paid for with heavy shades or blinds! We like to partner window films with window coverings, so you get the best of both.

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Residential Film Products

Browse our line of residential film products for the solution that best meets the needs of your home and family.


In Your Vehicle

You spend a lot of time and money keeping your car looking good, now protect the interiors from fading with window film. We have all seen cracked dashes that are in cars that are just a few years old! The sun is strong and doesn’t stop at your glass.

Fabrics, plastics and leathers will all fade over time when exposed to sunlight. High performance fade protection window films can block most of the sun’s heat and virtually all the UV light while still allowing most visible light in safely leaving your view intact. Formula One window films by The Tint Pros will perform very and be installed above and beyond factory expectations.

Dark tint is cool, but if you don’t like that look, The Tint Pros has nearly clear ceramic tint options for you as well! Any shade of tint can protect your vehicle against heat and UV light. TTP is also an authorized dealer of CoolVu window films that transition in the sun!

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Automotive Products

Browse our line of automotive products for the solution that best meets the needs of your passengers and vehicle.

Warranty Protection Program

As your LLumar Select Pro dealer, Vista and FormulaOne High Performance films are protected by national manufacturers backed warranties. The warranty guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking or changing color. These warranties are validated by installation from Llumar Select Pro dealers in the United States.

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