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Orange County’s Window Tinting Specialist, deployment of next generation Security & Privacy Films
The Tint Pros provides service and installation of window films to residents and businesses in Orange County, LA . County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County. Our next generation security films and solar control film are available in many different levels of protection and thickness that meet Government specifications. Since 1979, with and Aerospace Engineering background The Tint Pros have been providing superior customer service and consulting beyond the normal philosophy typically demonstrated in the window tinting Huntington Beach industry. In addition to the fact that CP Films the Worlds largest manufacturer of Solar control and Architectural Films, specifically selected The Tint Pros as a partner to offer their exclusive state-of-the-art product lines as well as Llumar’s patented DuPont Tejen Security window tint to Orange County and Los Angeles County residents and commercial tinting. Literally thousands of satisfied customers over the last 30 years have demonstrated their trust in our expertise and service as we set the bar of excellence and customer satisfaction. Our company slogan is “where reputation is everything” that was achieved by our 95% referral rate. Our exclusive product line makes us the only choice for Huntington Beach glass tinting for the Formula One Automotive window film provides Tinting for your car, and our exclusive Vista window film for your home, or office tinting. We recommend a through review of our website and links provided to you of our exclusive product line and why we eliminate the rest. A cost saving approach to ad privacy, beauty and a personal touch is our decorative window film selection. The Tint Pros is the southern California selection from LaJoya to Laguna Beach window tinting to Long Beach, security film we have the right protection for your windows. In the event, when the next earthquake hit in your area or an accident break the glass our LLumar line of security films are available in the following thicknesses; 4mil, 6mil, 7mil, 8mil, 11mil and 15mil which can sufficiently hold the broken shards of glass together making the glass safety glass, lowering the risk of injury caused by falling or flying glass. From Palm Springs to Pacific Palisades to downtown Los Angeles and Los Alamitos, Rancho Palos Verdes to Rancho Cucamonga, from Newhall to Newport Beach, security film and anti-graffiti films can protect your belongings, store merchandise and even the glass itself from smash and grab theft or glass etching vandalism. Multiple solutions with a single product. Our 8 mil film, in addition to offering blast hazard protection, has also been tested and shown to be effective at reducing damage and injury that can occur in windstorm. This could be important in areas of the world that are susceptible to hurricanes and typhoons. Any application for windstorm should utilize LLumar Edge Grip for maximum protection. Forced Entry Solutions for The Tint Pros is demonstrated for our customers in the Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and many area in the San Fernando Valley communities Also, when clients are concerned about bomb blasts, the location is, generally, also susceptible to civil unrest. This can lead to rocks and other handy projectiles being tossed at windows as well as possible Forced Entry. For ground floor areas of a building we recommend the use of our new and improved 15 mil film which has been tested and passed UL972. UL972 is a test that recognizes a glazing system as burglary resistant. This film can be installed in a daylight configuration for annealed glass and attached for tempered glass. Only post-applied film product to obtain component certification from the Underwriters Laboratory Only product tested and certified to meet UL 972, GSA Level 3B for blast protection, with highest performing physical properties among competitive set. The Tint Pros establishes Global installation capability with its security films: The Tint Pros works exclusively with CPFilms worldwide dealer base allows us the ability to provide turnkey film service in most countries around the world. One phone call to the tint Professionals at The Tint Pros sets in motion a process that will provide a site visit and quotation for projects from a qualified installation company virtually anywhere in the world. I have attached an excel spreadsheet listing country capabilities. If there is a country in need of service not listed let us know and we will work to provide service for that location from a nearby country. Sine the early 1980’s The Tint Pros has created tint graphics for vehicles, homes and commercial application. This custom creation was done by had and a pioneer in the window tinting Orange County computers cut tinting to create and expensive look for a fraction of the price as actual glass work would cost frosted films or the window tinting. In Huntington Beach, Orange County areas. In LA County and all of Orange County areas The Tint Pros offer free consultations and in many cases tinted glass samples and mock-ups are need as part of our complete turn-key service. In LA , OC, SB & SD counties The Tint Pros solar control film product line is used as a critical protection barrier that helps protect valuable fabrics, wood, and artwork from fading from the sun and it’s necessary but damaging Ultra Violet rays. Regarding automotive window tinting your selection of our exclusive Formula One performance automotive window film will protect your car’s interior as well as you and your passengers from damaging UV rays, heat reduction and glare reduction. The Tint Pros may not be the right shop for you if you’re looking for entry level films that include about 30 different brands types and all come with a flashy name. Remember we are exclusive by selection and choice. A simple fact of integrity and our reputation does not allow us to offer a second best product for those that think cheap is the same as the Best window tint manufacture red, by the Worlds Largest window film manufacturer. Orange County’s Premier window tint company that is family owned and operated since 1979. Call our toll free number today for your free consultation 1 - 800.-964-TINT (8468).